Terms of Services

Sunhouse Nature School has the right to refuse services if the terms of participation are not fulfilled, and Clients are made aware that registration fees are non-refundable upon purchase.

Clients must certify that their child is capable of safely participating
in the activities provided by Sunhouse Nature School. Their child must be potty-trained, able to stay within visible safety bounds of the group at all times with the guidance of an educator, and not at high risk of putting themselves or others in serious harm's way while participating in the outdoors.

The Client acknowledges that participation in outdoor activites and nature-based education carries inherent risks, including, but not
limited to, encounters with wildlife, weather-related risks, uneven
terrain, proximity to open bodies of water, and other hazards associated with outdoor environments. The Client accepts these inherent risks and allows their child to participate in outdoor activities organized by SNS.

The Client also acknowledges that regular public toilet breaks are
integrated within the program, but that in order to avoid accidents on
nature sites with less immediate access to facilities, children will
learn to safely relieve themselves with 'nature pees' when necessary. The Client is aware that SNS has the right to refuse services if any terms of participation are not fulfilled, and that registration fees are non-refundable upon purchase.

Drop-Off Policy
All caregivers must sign their child in with the educator.
Participants must arrive within the 15 minute window of 8:45-9:00am. Groups will then leave the drop-off area for their morning activities and will not return until pick-up, and are not liable for missed programming due to lateness.
For the safety of anaphylactic children - children must not arrive with any traces of tree nuts on their face, hands, or clothes. Additional
specific allergies may need to be similarly accommodated for within a
particular group, and caregivers will be notified of this request.

Pick-Up Policy
All guardians must arrive with photo ID for pick-ups.
All guardians must sign their child out with the educator.
Guardians must provide SNS with the full names and phone numbers of any additional contacts that will be picking up a child prior to pick-up. In the case that this information has not been sent, an educator may call the cell number of the child's caregiver and confirm with them through verbal confirmation that the child may leave with this person, so long as the information that the caregiver provides over the phone matches with the person's ID.

Educators are instructed by SNS to not send any child home with anyone who is not already on their approved guardian list or otherwise verbally confirmed by the caregiver during drop-off, or over the phone.

Late Policy
SNS has a firm late policy to respect the time and obligations of our
educators. If arriving after the pick-up window, late fees are charged
at $1/Minute to compensate educators. This fee will be sent as an invoice to the Client, to pay the educator in full. According to standard child welfare
practices, if an educator is continuously unable to get in contact with a late caregiver and the child’s emergency contact, a last result will be to contact law enforcement to provide the child with supervision until the caregiver can be reached.

Weather Policies

Under the circumstances of a weather advisory, programming be cancelled. These conditions are out of the control of SNS, and as such, any missed programming due to unsafe weather conditions are not subject to refunds. SNS is also not liable for the lack of notice for weather advisories, and caregivers must make themselves available to pick up their child if a weather advisory is sent out, or if there are any site conditions deemed unsafe by the park or the educator, during the hours of programming.

Clients will be sent a guide for appropriately dressing their child for
different weather conditions, and this guide must be followed in order
for children to participate safely in the elements. If a child does not
arrive with the necessary clothes and gear to be safely exposed to the possible weather conditions for the day, they will refused participation for the day, unless the caregiver can return with the necessary gear for the morning in a timely manner.