Nature-Based Early Education for Children Aged 3 to 5, All Year Round

Serving East Vancouver & West Point Grey

Low-ratio groups, research-based curriculum, and exciting monthly themes that provide high quality enrichment in the outdoors

Part-Time or Full-Time Registration

Enjoy up to three or five days of nature classes per week with our flexible enrolment options.

Morning Classes & Full-Day Care Plans

Combine our morning nature classes with professional afternoon childcare for quality and convient full-day care.

  • Research-Based Learning

    Sunhouse Nature School offers a unique evidence-based curriculum that blends hands-on learning, imaginative play, and environmental citizenship to enrich your child's cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development. Discover our learning approach of inquiry-based play.

  • Month-to-Month Registration

    A barrier to high-quality early education is flexibility, so we offer month-to-month registration with classes running each day of the week. Each month's curriculum builds on learning from previous months, but also offers a complete four-week educational experience - so you can join us at any time. Discover the exciting subjects planned for each month here, and register the spots that fit your family.

  • Group-Matching

    Our intake process involves getting to know your child and how they learn, so that we can match them to a group that balances different learning styles, developmental stages, and social-support needs. Each child can learn from one another, get the individualized support they need, and thrive!

"This program is VERY well thought out, not just kids running around outside. Isa clearly is pouring heart and soul into her curriculum. I highly recommend this program, we will be back for summer!"

- Madison G.

"The curriculum is very intentional and we were blown away by the report and pictures of our daughter’s learning journey. Not only did the fresh air and physical activity help my daughter have the best sleeps ever that week, but she was excited to tell us about her new friends and everything she learned!"

-Winnie L.

"Isa, Nicole, and the other providers are amazing and clearly so passionate about their roles. It’s been heartwarming to watch our typically shy little boy come out of his shell in this outdoor environment. Rain or shine, this environment truly allows kids to be kids."

-Arielle C.

Our responsive educators customize our schedule according to each group's learning style, ensuring an ideal balance of structure and child-led exploration.

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Community Walk & Check-ins

Children are invited to start the day with check-ins during our morning walk. We then enjoy an upbeat bonding activity that allows children to share ideas, laughs, and curiosities about the day's topics - all while connecting with their peers.

Movement Learning

With our minds activated about today’s topic, it's time to play some high-energy movement games together! We play fun games that integrate real environmental vocabulary and concepts, so children can have a blast, exercise their gross motor skills, and learn without even realizing it!

Hands-on Nature Learning

After some exercise, children’s minds are primed to focus and retain new ideas. Our educators will engage the class with a story that dives into the day's topic, making sure to relate it to each child's interests. Soon enough, everyone is piping up to share their ideas with the group! We then explore the topic with a hands-on activity that allows children to act out these new concepts through fun group adventure games, learning real skills along the way!

Snack & Body Break

Here's our chance to refuel, stretch our bodies, bond with our buddies, or calmly connect with the beauty of our surroundings.

Nature-Based Creativity Prompts

Using both our own and natural materials, children are able to create wild and wonderful projects with exciting prompts. Children can expand on their learning, express themselves, and master their fine-motor skills. This often leads to imaginative free-play, as children use their creations to explore their environment and create their own games. Child-led play in nature not only creates lifelong memories, it's also incredible for their socialization, problem-solving, and creativity!

Community Story & Song Circle

Groups have a chance to enjoy an interactive story or song, where children can act out imaginative adventures that support their literacy and social-emotional learning. This is no ordinary story-time - we actively engage each child in the story to enhance their reading comprehension - while sharing lots of laughs!

Community Walk & Reflections

Before we have to say goodbye for the day, we reflect on the morning. As we walk back for pick-up, we enjoy some silly songs and games that foster our budding friendships.