How Sunhouse Nature School Was Founded

After seeing the demand for accessible, high-quality early education programs in Vancouver, Isa, Nicole, and April dedicated themselves to developing a researched-based learning program that provides the support that both children and educators need.

The Sunhouse Nature School team shares a common passion for the outdoors and firmly believe in the benefits of nature-based learning for children's early development. Together, they created an outdoor experience that is both engaging and educational, incorporating evidence-based practices that enrich children's development while providing lifelong memories of childhood adventure.

The nature school they established is a testament to their unwavering dedication to providing children with the highest quality of education and care.

Meet the Team

Isa Maudsley (she/they), Nicole Hughes (she/her), and April Hughes (she/her) have combined their expertise in childcare, education, research, and program development to create an innovative model of outdoor learning.

Sisters, Nicole and April Hughes, founded Sunhouse Babysitting Agency to create a reliable solution to childcare in Vancouver. Their drive to meet families' need for day programs led them to the research and curriculum work of Isa Maudsley. They make a team of childcare programmers who are committed to offering the highest quality early education options for local families.

Director, Isa Maudsley, is a dedicated educator and early development researcher with a background in nature-based teaching, support work, and educational programming. She is passionate about providing children with intentional social-emotional education to foster their self-esteem, resilience, and love of learning. She is a proponent of high-quality early education and has dedicated her career to providing children with a foundation of intentional care. In her free time, she can be found cycling, paddling, and hiking her way through the incredible landscapes of British Columbia.

Head of Operations, Nicole Hughes, has established herself as a trusted leader in childcare services in the community. With a background in teaching and an expertise in supporting families, Nicole goes above and beyond to ensure that caregivers and children get the support that they deserve. She is known for her commitment to providing personalized services that allow families to thrive. On her own time, she loves to enjoy the beautiful mountain views and beaches of the mainland.

Head of Recruitment, April Hughes, is a highly experienced childcare professional who uses her experience in the industry to create better systems of support for families and childcare providers alike. In her years as an outdoor childcare program facilitator, she has seen the incredible impact that low-ratio outdoor education programs have on early learning, and is proud to be offering a new standard of early education. She enjoys spending her West Coast summers lake-side camping and going for ocean swims.

The Sunhouse Nature School Team is passionate about making nature-based learning programs available to benefit children across the city, and they are honoured to offer a program that reflects the best-practices for children’s development.