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July - Jericho Beach Park

July - Jericho Beach Park

Monthly Enrolment: July 1st to 31st

Making a Splash: Learn all about how water moves to create big whirlpools, sparkling seashells, and lively low-tide habitats! Big ideas about physics, ecology, and meteorology are made perfectly accessible and fun for young learners to explore.

Focus: Cause & Effect Reasoning

A scientific mind is built on recognizing cause-and-effect relationships, which we can strengthen through exciting experiments! 


Interested in joining us for three trial classes before you commit to a full registration? Reach out to request a trial here.


Please Note

Our outdoor programs are currently suitable for children between the stages of 3-5 years, who are potty-trained, and who are able to stay within visible bounds of the group and learn to participate safely in the outdoor elements. Purchasing a non-refundable spot is an agreement of these terms.

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